The Guide to Minute Suites Airport Lounges

Minute Suites locations are available in numerous domestic airports, and they all participate in the Priority Pass lounge network. If you’ve ever wondered what exactly Minute Suites offers, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. These “nap rooms” are available by the hour (including one hour free for Priority Pass members) and provide a quiet place to kick back and relax — without ever leaving the secure side of the airport.

If your wallet holds a credit card that comes with Priority Pass, like The Platinum Card® from American Express, Hilton Honors American Express Surpass® Card or Chase Sapphire Reserve® (among many others), access to Minute Suites may be a lounge benefit you didn’t know that you had.

In some ways, it’s even better than a traditional lounge, since it is a private room to work, nap or relax.

This guide explains the details of finding and using Minute Suites.

What are Minute Suites?

Minute Suites are similar to the capsule hotel concept found in many places around the world, albeit a bit more spacious than just a bed. Suites feature quiet rooms behind locked doors with a daybed, desk, TV and chair. They’re much smaller than traditional hotel rooms and do not include ensuite bathrooms. Instead, a central bathroom for all guests is available in most locations.

These small rooms are great for catching up on emails or work, especially for those who don’t have access to lounges (like The Centurion Lounge) or airline-operated lounges (like the Delta Sky Club).

Nerdy tip: Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport flyers have access to a couple of suites that connect. This additional space is available at a higher rate than a standard room.

The lounges are open to both departing and arriving passengers, and they work especially well for those with short overnight connections. Sometimes, leaving the airport to find an airport hotel and then returning in time to navigate security lines is not worth it for only a few hours of sleep. That’s why Minute Suites can be so rewarding (just keep in mind that most locations don’t offer showers).

The staff provides clean blankets and pillows to use with each stay, and other sundries and snacks are available for purchase.

To encourage a sound rest, the company even enlisted the help of physicians to design a quiet and dim space incorporating “the use of binaural beat audio technology” to assure serenity with a white noise system.

Where are they located?

Minute Suites has many locations around the United States, and all of them are in the airside section of airport terminals. You will find them in:

  • Atlanta: Concourse B near Gate B16.

  • Baltimore: Concourse C near Gate C3.

  • Charlotte: Airport Atrium.

  • Charlotte: The Plaza.

  • Dallas-Fort Worth: Terminal A near Gate A38.

  • Dallas-Fort Worth: Terminal D near Gate D23.

  • Nashville: Terminal D near Gate D3.

  • Philadelphia: Terminal A-B link.

Locations coming soon include:

  • New York-LaGuardia.

Notable locations without Minute Suites are:

  • Los Angeles.

Once you’re finished with your visit, you simply walk out and are in the airport terminal without having to clear security again. You can go directly from a nap to the boarding gate.

Can you make a reservation?

You can make an advance reservation through the LoungeBuddy or Minute Suites websites. Since Minute Suites doesn’t require a reservation, it can be helpful to make one in advance as adverse weather, flight delays and other irregular operations can lead to occupancy filling up quickly.

How much does a visit cost?

The price starts at $45 per hour, with 15-minute increments available for an additional $11.25 each for the first two hours. This incremental price drops to $8.75 per 15 minutes after the first two hours. If you only need a few hours, having an hourly rate can be extremely helpful versus paying for an entire night in a traditional hotel. For an extended eight-hour stay beginning after 9 p.m., the rate is a flat $165.

Showers are available for $30 for a half-hour period (the price is discounted to $20 if paired with a suite rental). Keep in mind that shower facilities are available only in select locations, including Charlotte, Dallas-Fort Worth Terminal D and Nashville.

Pilots, military personnel and airline staff enjoy discounts to Minute Suites, while nursing and pumping mothers can use a suite for a half hour without charge.

Other tips for booking Minute Suites

Keep the following in mind for your next (or first) visit to Minute Suites:

  • When paying for Minute Suites, be sure to sign up for its loyalty program, which awards points that can be redeemed for time credits to use one of the rooms.

  • If you have Priority Pass (either via subscription or as a perk of one of the many credit cards that offer it for free), you can access Minute Suites locations for one hour free of charge. If you’re already through security, you won’t need to show your boarding pass for a Priority Pass visit. All of the open Minute Suites locations accept it, and each additional hour is available for a discounted price of $28.

  • If you’re accessing Minute Suites with Priority Pass, up to three guests can use the same room for no additional charge.

If you’re considering a stay at Minute Suites

Minute Suites can be a great alternative for getting some rest or for a quiet place to work during short layovers, and the option to book an hourly rate is helpful. Plus, if you have a credit card that comes with Priority Pass, that one free hour of privacy and comfort can really be worth it on a busy travel day.

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