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“Amazon Loophole” could hand you $28,544 in “royalty” payouts  

Thanks to a little-known IRS loophole… Regular Americans can collect up to $28,544 (or more) in payouts from what Brad Thomas calls the “Amazon secret royalty program…”
And the best part is, there are:
- NO age or income requirements… (It’s available to anyone 18+ or older)
- NO employment requirements… (You can be working part-time, full-time, or even be retired)
- And you NEVER have to shop or sell a single product on Amazon… (It only takes 5 minutes to set up!)

See how to collect the next payout before the strict cutoff deadline..

["Live Demo"] How to trade options in 30 seconds...  

I retired at 42 by trading options.

My method is different. Unlike anything you've probably ever seen before.

For the first time, I put together a 30-second "live demo" to show you how it works.

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