The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) Provides Guidance on Exemptions to COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates

TUCSON, Ariz., Sept. 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — COVID-19 vaccine mandates are proliferating as a condition for employment or education, and Americans who do not wish to be vaccinated are facing termination from their job or disruption of their education, states the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS). Allowance is generally made for medical or religious exemptions, and AAPS receives many calls about how to apply for these.

AAPS has compiled resources that may help patients trying to exercise their right to decline to consent. The guidance suggests conditions that might cause concerns about the vaccinations. Physicians, however, may be reluctant to sign requests because of threats from medical licensure boards. Also, many companies consider only the very narrow range of conditions recognized as contraindications by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Some may consider existing immunity from a previous infection, and AAPS provides references to support this.

Religious exemptions may be legally harder to reject, AAPS states, and offers a template that might help, as well as links to organizations that provide assistance.

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons has represented physicians in all specialties since 1943. Its motto is omnia pro aegroto, everything for the patient.

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