Personal Finance Daily: These jobs are offering lucrative sign-on bonuses of up to $100,000, and COVID-19 long haulers are mired in medical bills of over $200K

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How COVID is slowly killing the open house

Open houses used to be the main way that realtors sold properties. Now, realtors can do without. Read More

My mother-in-law moved into our rental home years ago and made $60,000 in upgrades. We now want to sell. Should we repay her?

‘ We covered the house payments while this was happening as well as put in our own money to fix up stuff. I specifically asked her to not do one of the upgrades, and she did it anyway.’ Read More

Fauci on COVID-19 vaccines: ‘The optimal regimen will ultimately be that third shot’

Anthony Fauci, President Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser, told NPR that a third booster shot will become the norm. Read More

These jobs are offering lucrative sign-on bonuses of up to $100,000 amid shortage of candidates

‘A supply crunch for talent has pushed companies to go the extra mile,’ a new report says. Read More

COVID-19 long haulers are worried about unvaccinated Americans — and mired in medical bills of over $200K

‘Do I just suffer and hope things get better? And I had health insurance.’ Read More

Chip shortage means vehicle inventory likely won’t recover until 2023

Between microchip suppliers’ lack of output and automakers trying to stock up, the backlog could last for longer than first expected. Read More

When should you book travel for the holidays?

Is it that time of year already? Should you plan a winter holiday? There are reasons to book now, and reasons to wait. Read More

This humble car has quietly reached a major milestone

The world’s most popular car for two whole generations of car buyers has sold 50 million. Read More

High schools are finally teaching kids what they need to know about finances

Financial literacy hasn’t always been a priority in schools, but that’s changing. Because of the pandemic, educators say there’s never been more interest in the subject. Read More

California man, 79, sentenced to 4 years for charging small businesses and charities hugely inflated prices for printer toner

In one six-year stretch, prosecutors said Gilbert Michaels sold $126 million worth of toner to unsuspecting victim. Read More

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