Personal Finance Daily: How Nobel Prize winner David Card influenced thinking on immigration and jobs, and future floods could soak thousands of hospitals

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Here’s why Martha Stewart’s Hamptons home sold for nearly double the asking price

Domestic goddess and DIY queen Martha Stewart recently sold her 19th-century East Hampton Lily Pond Lane cottage for $16.5 million — nearly double the reported asking price of $8.4 million. Read More

‘He was the rock from which we all started’: How Nobel Prize winner David Card influenced thinking on immigration and jobs

David Card, a Berkeley economist, was one of three recipients of the Nobel prize for economic sciences. Read More

Future floods could soak thousands of hospitals, utilities and 63,000 miles of road, says rare report that turns industry data public

Bailing out basement family rooms or navigating washed-out roads is harrowing enough, but few Americans may realize the risk of flooding for utilities, hospitals, airports and other vital services if climate change persists, a new report says. Read More

Nobel Prize-winning economist’s latest work examines how job postings improved gender diversity

‘The elimination of gender preferences led to a rise in the fraction of women hired for jobs that were likely to be targeted to men,’ a new study concludes Read More

My mother-in-law changed her will and left everything to her second husband. Can her children contest the will?

‘The only mention of her children in this latest will was naming my husband as a secondary executor.’ Read More

How a ‘self-nudge’ could help you make better money and life decisions

New research provides a useful tool kit for hacking your brain to stop yourself from fumbling your finances. Read More

Lucid’s second trick, the Gravity, is a full-size luxury crossover EV

The California startup Lucid Motors is on a roll, with its first EV, the Air, expected soon. Here’s what planned for its next act. Read More

This couple paid off $114,151 in debt and nearly doubled their income from the effort

They managed to stay debt-free in the pandemic, and have some tips for others hoping to ditch debt of their own? Read More

Flying with a pet? Some airlines are better than others

Some airlines will not longer ship pets by cargo, and you’ll probably have to pay for your emotional support animal. Read More

‘We’re not on great terms, so things could get interesting’: My soon-to-be ex-husband is planning to buy a house before our divorce

‘He has terrible credit. I honestly don’t know how he plans to pull this off unless he has another borrower helping him, maybe a girlfriend or family member.’ Read More

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