Personal Finance Daily: Flurry of EV Super Bowl commercials led to huge jump in searches for one particular SUV; Child-care costs are outpacing inflation

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Flurry of EV commercials during Super Bowl led to huge jump in searches for this particular SUV (hint: even electric puppies sell)

Seven auto brands aired eight commercials, with six focused solely on their EV offerings, to a captive audience during Sunday night’s Super Bowl. Read More

Child-care costs are outpacing inflation — the average cost of daycare for infants now exceeds in-state college tuition fees

The average annual cost of daycare for infants hit just over $12,300 in 2020, according to a new report from Child Care Aware. Read More

When deciding to get the COVID-19 vaccine to protect public health, Americans rated economic wellbeing higher than Europeans

Almost 75% of America’s adult population is now fully vaccinated. Read More

‘I offered a $10,000 reward for the person who introduces me to my future partner’: I’m 34, single and disabled. How do I meet the woman of my dreams?

‘I’ve been disabled since age 13, when I almost died of an illness. My condition results in a bad immune system and very low energy. ‘ Read More

‘If it’s worth insuring, it’s worth appraising’: Behold, a foolproof guide to insuring your Valentine’s Day jewelry

Coverage options vary and the cost can add up, but financial experts say the insurance may be worth it for peace of mind Read More

A growing number of states require employers to offer paid sick leave — now for the bad news

‘When employees are at the behest of the employer, we know the lowest-wage workers suffer.’ Read More

‘I was treated unfairly by everyone’: Student loan lawsuit claims government and collectors cost borrowers tax refunds and Social Security checks

By pushing borrowers into a process known as rehabilitation, borrowers were put in a precarious financial situation that could have easily been avoided, suit says. Read More

‘We live 5 minutes from our in-laws who have a larger home’: I want to swap houses. Would that come with any tax implications?

‘We will be looking for more space around the same time that they will need a single-level, smaller property.’ Read More

7 Black financial influencers you should follow, and what they say about buying a house, quitting your job, and investing in crypto

We talked to some of our favorite Black financial pros about the Great Resignation, the competitive housing market and whether buying crypto is a good idea. Read More

The 2022 Rivian R1T review: The uniquely-styled electric truck lives up to its preproduction hype

The EV startup is the real deal, and it’s all-electric pickup truck is loaded with unique quirks and an available tent. Read More

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