Personal Finance Daily: Boosting Walmart base pay by $5 wouldn’t just mean livable wages, and U.S. consumers expect record-high inflation in the year ahead

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‘Retail theft on a massive scale’: father-daughter duo sentenced in multi-million dollar shoplifting scheme

Robert and Noni Whitley enlisted professional shoplifters to steal cosmetics, toothpaste, razor blades and more from retailers including CVS, Walgreens and Target. Read More

Can’t imagine rising seas destroying the Santa Monica Pier or St. Petersburg’s Hermitage? This photo and video gallery will take you there

A digital library of 1000+ photos, videos and maps from Climate Central imagines landmarks and population centers lost to unchecked climate change and ocean warming. Read More

‘I’m getting compassion fatigue’: My parents said they’d rather quit their jobs and lose everything than get the COVID-19 vaccine

‘If something happens to my parents, what are we responsible for, and what can we do to protect ourselves?’ Read More

Boosting Walmart base pay by $5 wouldn’t just mean livable wages — it could help workers live longer, new report says

The world’s largest retailer lags main competitors as hundreds of thousands of its U.S. associates still earn below $15 an hour, research shows. Read More

U.S. consumers expect record-high inflation in the year ahead, but anticipate gas prices will fall

Overall, consumers expect inflation to hover at 5.3% in the coming year, according to the September New York Fed Survey of Consumer Expectations. Read More

Parents, stop worrying about the hours kids texting and gaming

Greater amounts of recreational screen time are associated with stronger peer relationships for both boys and girls. Read More

Here’s when your financial planner’s advice needs a second opinion

A major life change is a good moment for an independent review. Read More

How to give yourself a four-day workweek: it’s more than just being productive

To do your job more efficiently and effectively, start by slowing down. Read More

Nobel Prize–winning economist David Card’s lesser-known research explored relationship between domestic violence and football upsets

There was a 10% increase in police reports of male-on-female intimate partner violence after an NFL team unexpectedly lost a game, Card’s prior research suggests. Read More

Would you try a mac ‘n’ cheese sandwich? Panera Bread wants you to try one

Panera’s Grilled Mac & Cheese Sandwich is the next leap forward for a restaurant chain that already dishes out 50 million annual servings of the classic menu item. Read More

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