New York’s Cleopatra Fitzgerald Calls for Economic Renewal

New York City, United States, Sept. 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — New York Mayor hopeful Cleopatra‌ has urged renewal in every industry and sector of the economy.

Ms Fitzgerald has made it her life mission to alert people to what is at fault within their systems and be free from the problems facing their communities. Her motto is to revive what is decaying and prevent stagnation. 

She believes the overall global economy is impacted by pandemics, deficits, bad governance, inefficient policies, corruption, lack of proper access to education, health care, jobs, environment, pollution, unadvanced technologies, racism, income inequality, and more. 

She says trade reform can fix the inadequacies of past policies (economic history) as seen in international trade with trade integrity to provide accountability and transparency and fewer trade deficits. 

Ms Fitzgerald said: “Microeconomic and macroeconomic factors are categorized as positive, negative or neutral. Each country, region, and community depends on deep research in the economic categories of business, education, financial, cultural, econometrics, comparative economic systems, sociological/anthropological economics, environmental economics, space economy, demographic and international political economies and many others.” 

She highlighted the influential powers of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and other organizations and investors that lend, fund, and invest in under-developed, developing and developed countries.

She said that numerous issues cost the global economy trillions of dollars, from crime and disease to business closures, war and corruption.

“All these and more non-advantageous components undermine improvements within each agency, industry, sector, department, or system. It is a matter that economists and specialists in each field create theories, data, and calculations in an attempt to correct past irregularities.”

She concluded: “To maximize productive capacity, it might take years of continual initiatives and analysis. Hopefully, in the future, countries and communities can advance and enter the ever modernizing age and come up with discoveries and inventions that uplift their economy.” 

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