New Executive Team at Altitude Control Technology Leading Company to Next Level

EDWARDS, Colo., Sept. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — The world leader in altitude simulation, Altitude Control Technology (ACT), will now have an experienced high tech executive team at its helm, each with over 20 years of experience growing and managing technology companies. The team also has developed and improved customer service teams, resulting in significantly higher customer satisfaction.

“Altitude Control Technology has been the best in class solution over the last 10 years. ACT is at the intersection of science, technology, and engineering with expertise in the physics and physiology of altitude. Our systems are scientific instruments designed to simulate genuine altitude with accuracy and stability. ACT developed its unique technology for accurate and stable altitude simulation and combined it with the engineering capability to customize each system for its specific application. I’m beyond excited to help lead the company to deliver a best in class customer experience as well,” said Kyle Bassett, COO of ACT.

ACT specializes in home oxygenation and scientific altitude simulation systems suited for both scientific research as well as to improve sleep and issues with altitude in high elevation homes. It has more experience and installations than all other companies in the field combined.

“ACT is unmatched in terms of its products, scientific knowledge and ability to have a positive impact on customers. It has dramatically advanced the technology in every regard—controllers, communications, algorithms, sensors, engineering, designs, and air separation. When dealing with ACT, you know you will get an altitude system that is truly state of the art. I look forward to leading us to help more people in more places,” said Bill Sinclair, CEO of ACT.

In addition to growing its leading position in the residential market, ACT is further expanding its position into the hospitality, commercial and higher education markets, where it has long been the leader in altitude simulation. The company is looking forward to growing partnerships with developers, architects and builders to jointly offer products that improve shared client satisfaction. For more information, visit

About Altitude Control Technology (ACT)

ACT designs, develops, and installs custom whole room oxygenation systems to mitigate the effects of altitude sickness, enhance sleep quality and improve general health and wellness. It also installs hypoxic training systems for athletic and research use at institutions across the US and the world. ACT offers a full range of altitude simulation options and air separation technology, including pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology.

Its award-winning altitude control system is unrivaled in its accuracy and ability to control the partial pressure of oxygen for true altitude simulation. ACT is the leading choice of research institutions the world over, including Harvard Medical School, the Mayo Clinic, and the University of Colorado’s Altitude Research Center, the Borgenicht Altitude Physiology Research Center at William & Mary, and the U.S Army Research Institute. ACT is the leader in safety, with zero safety issues in more than 20 years of altitude simulation.

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