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Here’s the math for Tesla’s stock price if it becomes the Apple of car makers

Apple crushed the once-dominant handset makers and has fat margins. Can Tesla do the same in automaking? Read More

Market’s ‘golden cross’ is not the heavenly sign for stocks the bulls would have you believe

Stocks don’t perform better when the market’s short-term moving average goes above its longer-term average. Read More

Higher interest rates probably won’t cause this bull market in stocks to end

The relationship between the stock market and interest rates is anything but straightforward. Read More

Slower S&P 500 earnings growth is not bullish — no matter what some stock market ‘experts’ are saying

Faster earnings growth generates higher stock market returns — just as you’d expect. Read More

These 8 money-losing stocks could bring you big gains come January

How to profit from investors’ year-end tax-loss selling. Read More

The S&P 500’s recent run shows signs of tiring — watch the breadth signals

For now, the breakout to new highs should dictate a “core” bullish position with a fairly wide stop. Read More

How to build your own ETF and avoid thousands of dollars in management fees

Buy shares of promising companies in growing sectors, such as ecommerce. Read More

Do you really know what’s in your ETF?

Every week we highlight the most timely exchange-traded fund news, from new launches to inflows and performance. Read More

Why increased capital spending is setting up this select group of industrial stocks to outperform in the next few years

With so much demand, producers of goods and services are increasing their capital spending. And that means accelerating sales growth for a select group of U.S. companies. Read More

Biden administration wants ESG to factor in employee retirement funds. That mandate would hurt workers.

Political incursions into investment processes and stewardship are misguided. Read More

Want to beat pension fund experts? Think like an idiot

If you had ignored the experts who told you to avoid seven major sectors, you would be outperforming them by a lot Read More

Why rollover IRAs can be dangerous

Most retirees reduce their equity exposure when they roll over a 401(k) Read More

SPACs could repeat the worst of the dot-com bubble — here’s how finance insiders are trying to stop that

CFA Institute is worried about the damage SPACS could do to investors’ confidence in the stocks market. Read More

Buying shares of DWAC and its Trump deal ‘is closer to gambling than investing’

Trump Media & Technology Group’s presentation offers no insight into a business plan and doesn’t even mention a single dollar figure. Read More

I’m a Trump supporter, but as an investor I’m wary of the Trump SPAC

5 reasons to be cautious about chasing Digital World Acquisition and Phunware stock. Read More

Five things investors learned about the semiconductor sector from the latest batch of earnings

There have been competing narratives for semiconductor companies. It’s important for investors to know where their favored names fit in. Read More

These are the 2 main reasons you should consider adding semiconductor stocks to your portfolio now

Chipmakers appear primed for rapid growth for years to come. Read More

Harvard’s endowment return is worse than the S&P 500 and that should be a lesson for your own portfolio

Choose a comfortable risk level and stick with it. Read More

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