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Inflation on the shelves means deflation in confidence, a study finds

Why do so many investors think they won’t reach their retirement goals? Read More

Don’t be fearful: Stock market investors could ultimately benefit from an economic recession

A downturn could have a cleansing effect and wipe away the excesses. Read More

Stay bearish on the S&P 500

A strong move above 4600 would be required to change the S&P 500 chart’s bearish status. Read More

High-flying growth stocks have returned to earth. Are they now undervalued?

According to research, many growth stocks are still overvalued. Read More

These 10 stocks have the right stuff that top investors want in their portfolios

Quality shareholders gravitate to quality companies, with frequently lucrative results. Read More

Microcap stocks could rake in the cash from these mega-rich buyers

In a bid to improve performance, private equity firms may compete for the smallest companies. Read More

Apple stock will change an index fund’s performance, depending on this one crucial investment decision

Cap-weight or equal weight? Apple and other mega-cap stocks get different treatment depending on a fund’s strategy. Read More

Apple is Berkshire’s largest stock holding, but Buffett and Co. own a bigger share of these companies

Berkshire Hathaway owned at least 10% of eight other companies’ stock as of the end of 2021, according to a new filing. Read More

What to look for in Buffett’s annual letter

Buffett’s letter, one of the most widely-read on Wall Street, will likely be released near the end of February Read More

Watch this ETF if Russia-Ukraine crisis erupts into war, but fund analyst says an even bigger threat for the market is panic in bonds

Every week we highlight the most timely exchange-traded fund news, from new launches to inflows and performance. Read More

Why gold isn’t a safe haven for your money if Russia invades Ukraine

Gold is rallying now but prices typically decline in the wake of geopolitical crises. Read More

Like ‘going to hell and back.’ Battling cancer gave this financial adviser skills to build trust and listen better

Learning to speak plainly and face sensitive issues. Read More

Baseball commissioner says the stock market is a better investment than owning an MLB team — is he right?

MLB’s Rob Manfred says owning an MLB team is ‘below what you’d get in the stock market.’ Read More

Activist shareholders are pushing companies to embrace ESG and other social causes. But one big question is still unanswered.

How do we decide whether a social policy is ‘economically relevant’ to a company’s business? Read More

This is what you’re getting wrong about ESG ratings

Five widespread misconceptions about how ESG ratings are calculated and how they are used in investing. Read More

‘Tectonic shift’ to green stocks: BlackRock chart looks beyond oil and gas earnings, momentum

Investor preferences for sustainable assets creates ‘great repricing’ that has room to run, says BlackRock. Read More

Vanguard is all about making investing cheap and simple, so why offer a costly, complicated private equity fund?

Not a good look for a company whose website says about investment fees that, ‘If the money is going somewhere else, it’s not going to you.’ Read More

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