MaXpeedingRods Contributing to Local Racing Culture by Sponsoring A Full De Mango

HONG KONG, Sep. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — On September 3, 2021, global auto parts manufacture and supplier MaXpeedingRods announces to be exclusive sponsors of a Full De Mango Drift Festival, a 12-hour motor and music festival. The festival will be organized on September 4 in Valladolid, Spain. MaXpeedingRods’ presence in this growing festival will give racing enthusiasts a unique experience of the sport and MaXpeedingRods itself, as MaXpeedingRods offer insight into the local racing culture.

Combining electronic rock and high-octane drifting events, a Full De Mango takes place twice annually (June and September) at the Villaverde de Medina Fk1 International Circuit. The festival will host 100 of the best Drift and Grip pilots the sport has to offer, such as Ruben Bolanos and Rebecca Aramburu, as they showcase their elite skills to an animated crowd of up to 4000 people.

From 9:30 am on September 4th, racing and car enthusiasts alike have access to the circuit, as it plays host to a Full De Mango’s motor festival and drift and grip events. Then, of equal attraction and excitement, is the festival’s exciting lineup of some of Spain’s most recognized icons of electronic music. The vastly popular DJ Neil headlines the night’s events, alongside Raul Ortiz and Martin R.

The event itself has had a significant impact on the local culture, giving rise to a strongly developing interest in motor racing. At the event, MaXpeedingRods CEO Henry Chen spoke highly. “As an auto parts supplier dedicated to providing competitive prices for car tuning enthusiasts worldwide, we are proud to have a partnership with A Full De Mango Festival. In such an event, whether they are music lovers, outdoor sports enthusiasts or car lovers, they can join in their favorite activities and we are very happy to be part of it and contribute to the local culture.”

During the festival, the audiences have access to MaXpeedingRods’ high-quality products and exculsive brand stickers for free through the giveaway activity held by MaXpeedingRods and the organizer. MaXpeedingRods featured products such as coilovers, conrods and control arms for BWM E36 and E46 will be displayed on an exhibition stand right next to the race track itself. In addition to featuring throughout the festival in all event posters, brochures and on local FM radio.

MaXpeedingRods has roots in aftermarkets and car tuning that stretch back two decades. The production of high-performance racing and engine parts for affordable prices has crafted a strong reputation within the industry, which has, in turn, led to a growing presence in Europe and North America. By sponsoring events and festivals in Europe like a Full De Mango, Championnat de France de Drift in France, and the 2021 Carmageddon Car Show of SCCA in the US. MaXpeedingRods plays its part in contributing to the local racing culture.

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