How Long Does Bankruptcy Stay on Your Credit Report?

If you’ve filed for bankruptcy, or are wondering if bankruptcy might be right for you, you should know how long the bankruptcy mark will remain on your credit report.

The length of time bankruptcy stays on your credit report depends on the type of bankruptcy you filed. That’s because different types of negative marks on your credit report are treated differently.

How long does bankruptcy stay on your credit report?

If you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which is the most common type of consumer bankruptcy, the bankruptcy will stay on your credit report for 10 years. But if you file Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the negative mark will linger on your credit report for seven years.

While both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 will remain on your credit report for a number of years, you can take steps to rebuild your credit to mitigate the damage. That means making on-time payments, using your credit sparingly and thinking about getting a secured credit card or credit builder loan.

This post was originally published on Nerd Wallet

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