Gaming influencers can earn over 122 TIMES more than the average salary!

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Ever heard of ‘gaming influencers’ before? Well, some of them are making seven-figure salaries from gaming online in their bedrooms. Here’s the lowdown. 

Gaming influencers

A gaming influencer is a type of content creator. They use platforms like YouTube and Twitch to host game-related content such as walkthroughs, tutorials and game reviews. 

Just like other social media influencers, gaming influencers are all about building large followings and creating their own personal brand. But can gaming really be lucrative? Absolutely. In fact, the top gamers with millions of subscribers earn huge sums of cash each year. 

What gaming influencers can earn

According to research compiled by MrQ, the most popular gamer is Auronplay. With over 28 million YouTube subscribers and 16 million Instagram followers, he earns well in excess of £3 million each year. 

Yes, you read that right. Over £3 million a year! And he’s far from the only influencer earning mega cash.

Another popular gamer, Rubius, earns more than £2.8 million from Instagram alone, and WilburSoot brings in a cool £660,000 from YouTube each year. 

It’s not just video game pros earning top sums, either. Casino gamers are cashing in, too. With nearly 10 million subscribers, casino gamer Coscu makes over £880,000 a year. 

Where does all this money come from? Well, a few sources, including sponsored social media posts or engaging with followers online.

What these gaming influencers all have in common, though, is how they’re earning well over the average UK salary of £29,600 per year. In fact, influencers like Auronplay earn more than 122 times the average British salary, which is staggering. 

To be clear, though, not all gaming influencers earn six- or seven-figure sums. For many, it might not even be enough to earn a full-time wage. However, with the right platform and some gaming know-how, it’s possible to make some cash as a gaming influencer, even as a side hustle. 

Become a gaming influencer

Do you love games? Then here’s how you might earn some cash from your hobby. 

  • Set some objectives. For example, think about what you want from online gaming. Is it a side hustle, or do you hope to go full-time one day? Having a solid plan will help you identify how often you’ll need to stream and how to market yourself to achieve your goals.
  • Pick a game and type of content to specialise in. Maybe you’ll create World of Warcraft tutorials, or you’ll host live plays of Grand Theft Auto. Pick a niche to help you stay focused.
  • Decide which platforms to join – go for channels most used by gaming influencers, like Twitch, Instagram and YouTube. Why? Because this is where you’ll find the most receptive audience. 

Once you’re online, be sure to create content regularly. Engage with fellow gamers, and become an active member of the community. You’ll gain more followers that way, and you might get some money-making advice, too. 


The top gaming influencers are making serious cash, so it’s worth checking out this niche if you’re serious about gaming. 

Even if gaming’s not your thing, though, the key takeaway should be that it’s possible to monetise your hobbies. And with living costs rising and Christmas just a few weeks away, a side income could help you take control of your money this winter. 

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