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The best way to check the insurance market and to look for better car insurance deals is by comparing online car insurance quotes. Drivers can get online quotes from insurer’s websites or from brokerage websites. Comparing quotes at least once every six months will help policyholders to determine if their premiums are still competitive.
When comparing two car insurance quotes for the same policy, consider the following:

  • Use the same data and ask for the same things in all quotes. To properly compare multiple quotes, drivers should ask for the same coverages and options on both quotes. For example, if a driver asked for full coverage from three different insurance providers, but for one of them he asked for GAP insurance also, then comparing the three quotes is a major mistake. The quote that contains GAP insurance will obviously be more expensive than the other two.
  • Provide accurate and correct data. Policyholders should ensure that all the data they submit is correct in all online forms. Having the car’s documents nearby can be helpful. Even the slightest difference such as the car sub-model, installed safety and anti-theft devices, or year of production can lead to great price differences.
  • Offer realistic annual mileage. When completing an online questionnaire, drivers will be required to offer an annual mileage estimate. Providing an estimate that is much lower than the reality, just to obtain a better insurance estimate is wrong. Drivers can lie to a questionnaire, but they can’t lie to an insurance company. Drivers should be wise and provide a realistic mileage estimate in order to obtain an accurate insurance estimate.
  • Obtain quotes from reliable sources. Policyholders should make sure that they are getting quotes from top-ranking insurance providers and from brokerage websites that work with the best insurers.

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