Crypto: NBA All-Star Steph Curry asks for crypto advice on Twitter — here’s what people said

NBA star Stephen Curry appears to be interested in cryptocurrency.

The former league MVP, who plays for the Golden State Warriors, put out a message on Monday night to his 15.5 million Twitter

followers asking for some crypto advice.

Media mogul Gary Vaynerchuk, who touted cryptocurrency and NFTs in a recent interview with MarketWatch, suggests Curry do some homework before buying.

Vaynerchuk has accumulated over 40 million followers across his social-media profiles.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady responded to Curry imploring him not to participate in the famous #LaserEyes meme campaign where people change their profile pictures to have red lasers coming out of their eyes to show support for bitcoin.

Brady has repeatedly poked fun at himself after changing his own profile picture to have laser eyes because soon after Brady made the change, bitcoin

went on a long losing streak.

Marques Brownlee, host of a technology podcast and a YouTube channel with nearly 15 million followers, is advising Curry to ignore all advice.

CEO of Dapper Labs, the company that uses ethereum’s

blockchain to make NBA Top Shot, says consistent buying is how he approaches cryptocurrency.

Curry has signed contracts worth $470 million throughout his NBA career, and likely has earned additional millions from his off-court sponsorships and investments.

Curry changed his Twitter profile picture to a picture of a Bored Ape NFT on August 30, signaling a possible interest in NFTs in addition to cryptocurrency.

Like cryptocurrencies, NFTs use blockchain, databases of linked information to record ownership or transactions of a product. While NFTs use blockchain, they are not currencies and should be treated more like rare trading cards than money.

Professional athletes like Saquon Barkley and Naomi Osaka have been getting into cryptocurrency over the past 12 months as crypto prices continue to jump.

Many athletes, like No. 1 overall picks in the NFL and NBA drafts Trevor Lawrence and Cade Cunningham, even accepted endorsement deals with crypto trading apps in 2021.

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Crypto markets are plummeting on Tuesday as Bitcoin is down 10.25%, Ethereum is down 14.18%, Dogecoin

is down 19.8%, Litecoin

is down 19.91% and Monero

is down 22.2%.

Bitcoin is still up 358% over the past 12 months, and ethereum is up 861% over the same period.

This post was originally published on Market Watch

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