Best Free POS Software of 2021

Point-of-sale software products allow businesses to accept customer orders, collect sales data and organize day-to-day operations on computers or mobile devices. There are several  available, including those with features such as inventory tracking and integrations with accounting software. Generally, you’ll have to pay for more advanced features and add-ons like POS hardware, such as card readers or terminals, and payment processing. Here are NerdWallet’s top picks for free POS software.

Software: Free version includes comprehensive features, including sales dashboard, reporting, inventory management and multiple location management.
Payment processing included: Yes; transaction fees apply.
App: iOS and Android OS.
Desktop: Virtual terminal available for Mac and Windows OS.

Why we like it: is small-business focused and includes less-common features, like email notifications for low inventory and a wide range of app integrations. The company also offers solid customer service, a variety of credit card readers, including a free magstripe reader, and app options for Apple and Android OS.

Software:  Free version includes robust features including sales dashboard, reporting, inventory management, staff productivity tracking and more.
Payment processing included: Yes; transaction fees apply.
App: iOS and Android OS.
Desktop: Virtual terminal.

Why we like it: PayPal Zettle’s free POS software comes with several features, including inventory management and reporting, and works with the company’s mobile card reader, named one of . The system also allows you to accept QR codes as a payment method in both PayPal and Venmo platforms and integrates with accounting and e-commerce software, like QuickBooks Online and Shopify.

Software: Free version includes POS access for multiple stores, inventory management, analytics, loyalty program, transaction details and kitchen display system.
Payment processing included: No.
App: iOS and Android OS.
Desktop: No.

Why we like it:  offers free POS software with several features well-suited to businesses in retail or food and drink industries. It can support inventory tracking for mixed drinks in bars and order management for cafes and restaurants, for example. It can also handle retail store inventory.

Software: Free version includes basic features, including inventory management, customer management, cash discounts, split payments and basic reporting.
Payment processing included: No.
App: Apple iPad iOS, Android tablet OS and Windows tablet.
Desktop: Windows PC only.

Why we like it: The POS software eHopper offers businesses in qualifying states a cash-discount program, allowing businesses to accept credit card payments without paying the processing fees. This means you offer your customers two prices for the same service: If they pay by credit card, the customers pay your processing fees. If they pay with cash, there is no processing fee, so they pay a cheaper price for the same service or product.

Software: Free version includes basic features, including barcode scanning, sales tax setup, supplier catalog and inventory management.
Payment processing included: No.
App: No.
Desktop: Windows desktop only.

Why we like it: With Nextar’s POS, you can run reports to calculate commissions for each salesperson, a feature many free POS options don’t offer. The product allows you to set a default commission percentage for all employees or custom commission percentages for specific products. While you can’t take credit cards with the free version, it’s a solid no-cost option for cash-based small businesses.

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